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Sewa Chautari

Our Mission & Vission

Our team is a Chautari. A place where we listen to each other and discuss to resolve any issues. We share our hands and creative minds to flourish great ideas. A shade with cool breeze and a meaningful discussion can only bring happiness.

Our Approach

We thrive to support our engaged clients in making their successful business journey. A long and healthy relationship with our clients can only determine our growth and happiness.


Year Experience

Core Level


Website Development

Visually engaging, fully responsive, scalable and SEO friendly websites with every bit of input from our clients are put into consideration while we build a website. We build websites that will stand out in the crowd, and provide the breakthrough that you are looking for.


Our SEO specialist with the use of natural search engine optimization methods provide you with top rank visibility of your online business. A blend of Sewa Chautari and your online business will prove to be a beautiful and powerful combination to pay you in the shape of high page rank websites with increased traffic and real conversions.

App Development

Growing popularity, valuation and power of mobile applications in our day to day life doesn't need to be explained to anyone. Whether it be for work or just for some fun, we are always looking at our iOS and Android app. Sewa Chautari simply helps you craft the perfect app for you and help get it where it belongs—into the hands of users.

Digital Marketing

We analyze social habits of your users to recommend the best platform to kick start your campaign from like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and several other less obvious platforms. We guarantee you that our marketing tactics with skillful efforts will bring valuable traffic, leaning to conversions and worthy customer to your business site. You need a compelling business with a handsome ROI, but we need your satisfaction by translating your dreams into desirable business reality.

Data Analytics & Reporting

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Domain & Hosting

We can help you get the perfect domain for the business. We will also make sure that your website resides on secure, reliable and high performance Cloud Servers.

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